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World of Warplanes : Soviet Hawks

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Warplanes SovietWargaming has been active today. The developer of World of Tanks is getting ready to release another warfare MMO, called "World of Warplanes" featuring historic warplanes. Today, they released a new trailer and bunch of screen-shots showing the Soviet Hawks.



World of Warplanes - Soviet Hawks screenshots and trailer

Soviet Warplane line has been introduced by Wargaming today. Legends like La-5 and Il-2, the Soviet tech tree will be shown in detail in the upcoming weeks. 

For the enthusiasts, La-5, Lavochkin La-5 is a Soviet Fighter aircraft which was a refined version of the LaGG-3 and it was one of the most capable warplane of the Soviet Air Force. The warplane was designed by Semyon Lavochkin in 1942.

Another warplane in the trailer is Il-2, Interleukin 2 manufactured by Ilyushin in 1939. It is a gound-attack aircraft and over 40k units were built. The soldiers often referred to it as the "flying tank".

History and warplanes lesson aside, enjoy the new trailer and screenshots:

Soviet Warplanes

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