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  in Guild Wars 2, News
bazaar of the four wind

If there is anything that's perfect with Guild Wars 2, that noone can deny is the game updates Guild Wars 2 developers have been offering since the game's release last year. As summer goes by, one would expect less frequent updates but they are wrong. Guild Wars 2 fans are looking forward to getting their hands on the upcoming update: "Bazaar of the Four Winds". Starting July 9th, residents of Tyria will be coming together to welcome flying Zephyr Sanctum who is bringing magical crystals and amazing movement skills. Read on to see the Skyhammer PvP map presentation video and read about the new features of this major update.

  in News, PlanetSide 2, Screenshots
nexus battle island - planetside 2

If you like shooter games and MMOs, there is no excuse to justify why/how you have not played Planetside 2. It's perhaps the only MMO shooter that deserves the "Massively" title. With thousands of enemies on a single and giant map is what Planetside 2 is able to deliver. Today we want to show you fans of the shooter games, the latest screen-shots of this remarkable example of the genre and give you another reason to play the game. Today's we have trailer and screenshots for the all new Nexus Battle Island: the 48-on-48 competitive map.

  in News, Transformers Universe

The Hasbro Brand team have been talking Transformers Universe at BotCon 2013 and have let slip when we might be able to expect their "Robots in Disguise" sim, although it's still frustratingly vague. Rather than the annoyingly ambiguous "Q4 2013," Transformers Universe will now be available in Fall 2013. 

I suppose it still covers the same amount of time, but at least we know it'll be here sooner rather than later.

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