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  in News, SWTOR
swtor update 2.2 screenshot

Who doesn't like winning extra XP? Every now and then, a game developer announces a special weekend event that gamers can join and double the experience points to level up at 2X speed. Star Wars The Old Republic's double XP weekends was announced earlier this month and if you have not benefited from it yet, you still have a chance. The Double XP weekends returned for the 2nd time yesterday. There will another one next week and the following weeks in July. It's time to call up your guild friends and dive into one of the new Nightmare Mode operations.

  in Firefall, News, World of Warcraft
Firefall developer, Mark Kern

Mark Kern is the head of the team that's building Firefall, but long before that he worked at Blizzard and helped develop the World of Warcraft. In a guest post at, he spoke at length about whether or not MMOs had become too easy, blaming a casualness that's designed to bring users in rather than entertain the core crowd.

And who does he blame for this turnaround in the MMO genre? Why, World of Warcraft, of course.

  in News, Screenshots, Soldier Front 2
soldier front 2

Aeria's new tactical shooter MMO game Soldier Front 2 is entering Open Beta with new content. The fast paced tactical shooter has had great success during its Closed Beta and had impressed us greatly when we participated in press event last month. With the launch of the Open Beta the game has got an all new game mode called "Escape" as well as four new maps for the death match mode. There are also a host of GM events to be held to celebrate the Open Beta and reward players who join the test. Check out the latest screenshots when you read on. We also have a Soldier Front 2 giveaway, for those who act quick!

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