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  in Dota 2, News
dota 2

A lot of sites have reported that DotA 2 has now gone free-to-play, and that anybody can now head onto Steam and download the game for nothing. This isn't true. They're actually talking about the Spectator version of the game, a version that has been available to download now for almost a year. Although DotA 2 will very shortly go fully free-to-play, it isn't coming today.

  in Eden Eternal, News, Screenshots
Eden Eternal reawakening

Aeria's popular MMORPG Eden Eternal is back with a new content update. Eden Eternal: Reawakening has just launched, introducing the new and enhanced visuals for the anime-style MMO. If you have played Eden Eternal before, you will notice the smoother animations and enhanced details as soon as you login today. Character models, post process effects and the user interface have all been revamped. The all new Loyalty Shop is also another feature of Reawakening, where players can spend Loyalty Points on a variety of in-game rewards. Read on for the Reawakening trailer and screenshots.

  in Aion, News
aion 4.0

Gameforge has revealed the release date of AION 4.0 that is going to introduce new classes for the first time in the history of the MMORPG. Scheduled to be released this August, AION 4.0 is going to feature new classes along with new features to Atreia, from a new maximum level cap of 65, to new areas surrounding Katalam, new instances and a new base combat as well as better customization for characters. Continue reading for the first set of screenshots and the details of the new features.

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