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  in Defiance, News
Defiance hellblazer nomad

Defiance has got some fantastic looking vehicles but none of them come for free. All those beautiful trucks and bikes are expensive. Trion Worlds has just announced a new community feature that allows Defiance owners to recruit friends for some free goodies. These goodies include an amazing Hellblazer Trucks, if you can convince 5 friends into purchasing the shooter. Here is our tip for you; use our Defiance Diary episodes for extra motivation! They will love it!

  in News, World of Tanks
world of tanks update 8.6

Economy is about to change in the World of Tanks. At least in Europe. The latest content update 8.6 for World of Tank has gone live in Europe today, changing the in-game economy, add new SPGs as well as new artillery units and a new premium British tank "A33 Excelsior". Read on for another World of Tanks trailer, announcing this new update along with a bunch of new screen-shots.

  in Dota 2, News

It's funny to be writing this, considering that DotA 2 has been a permanent fixture in thousands of Steam accounts for well over a year now, but DotA 2 will officially launch later this year. It's currently in open beta, although people are selling their keys for less than ten cents in many cases, so its release status is cloudy at best.

Those of you that didn't want to buy, have no friends from whom to grab a code or just haven't been interested until now will be happy to know that DotA 2 will be available, free-to-play, in the Summer.


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