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  in Neverwinter, News
Neverwinter Beta events

Perfect World's Dungeons & Dragons title "Neverwinter" has been in Open Beta for a while. As the Open Beta is coming to an end, Valindra's army is ready to attack Protector's Enclave. This Invasion is the second phase of Open Beta events of Neverwinter. There will be one more phase before the Open Beta is over. So, keep an eye on these events, collect bag of bones and then convert them for rewards. Continue reading for the details of Phase II: The Invasion.

  in News, World of Tanks

Although much of the news to come out of E3 last week was only relevant to those buying next generation consoles (or those waiting for Elder Scrolls Online), there was one short snippet in the Microsoft Conference that was more than a little exciting. Top rated tank warfare sim World of Tanks will be coming to Xbox 360, it'll be free-to-play for Gold subscribers and it looks like it'll actually be a really good experience with a controller. 

  in Final Fantasy 14, News

With the NDA now largely lifted on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, more and more sites are posting their impressions. After the mess that was Final Fantasy XIV's original release, fans of the franchise and of MMOs in general will be happy to know that reaction has largely been positive, with many people excited for the open beta and for the game's full release. And it only took several years and remaking the game from scratch!

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