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  in Guild Wars 2, News
guild wars 2 updates in 2013 and 2014

Guild Wars 2 game director Colin Johnson has posted development roadmap for the remainder of the year. Overall it's all fantastic news for the fans of the MMORPG as they promise to continue with the regular content updates every two weeks, including new skills, a more advanced crafting system (which is already pretty advanced) and of course loads of new World vs World and PvP related content. Guild Wars 2 has not lost any momentum since its release and it looks like it's going to enter 2014 in style. ArenaNet has even increased the number of teams working on Living World. Read all about what's coming to Guild Wars 2 in the rest of the year.

  in End of Nations, News
end of nations moba enters alpha

Trion Worlds had impressed us when we first played End of Nations last year. Of course the game was supposed to be an MMORTS (more strategy than RTS too) back then. Today, it's a new game, it's another genre. End of Nations, the game many had presumed dead, is now back online with its new Alpha version. And the game is a MOBA game now. It features a brand new gameplay, offering smaller teams and more powerful heroes. The UI has been reworked and the graphics have been cleaned up for a finer experience. Only if you care for MOBAs. Continue reading to see the latest screenshots and compare them to the game from 2012.

  in Neverwinter, News
fury of the feywild

Perfect World's Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG "Neverwinter" is going to have its first update, Module 1 as it's called internally on August 22. Module 1 : Fury of the Feywild will be available as two different content packs. While the new content is available for free, players who wish to expand the adventure with unique races, mounts and other advanced features will be able to purchase one of two special Feywild packs. The first pack is the Feywild Starter Pack and the full package is the Knight of the Feywild pack. Find more about the update and the special packs after the cut.

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