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ultra street fighter 4

How can anyone not like Street Fighter? Street Fighter is my all time favorite along with Mortal Kombat when it comes to arcade gaming. The King of the Streets back in 90's, is still the king. There has not been a bigger fighting game in the history of games. Today, Capcom has released a new trailer for the upcoming Street Fighter game; Ultra Street Fighter IV that first shows its popularity and then gives us a sneak peek at the legendary title. Ultra Street Fighter IV is going to be released on consoles and the PC next year. 

  in Age of Wushu, News

Snail Games, the group behind Martial Arts MMO Age of Wushu, has announced that they'll be bringing Wushu both to consoles and to the silver screen. Although little else was said about it, those hoping to get more into the lore, or those that want to play their favourite eastern-flavored MMO on the PS4/Xbox One may just end up getting their wish.

Although, actually, they may just have announced it a little bit early.

  in News, WarFrame

If you were wondering why so many MMOs are making the jump to PlayStation 4, wonder no more. Before it seemed like it was primarily games that had a high number of users, but now it seems like it'd just be really, really easy to do.

In an interview today, Steve Sinclair said that it took just three months to port Warframe to PlayStation 4. For the sake of three months work, you get access to a whole new userbase, at the beginning of a console's life cycle, when users are hungry for new experiences.

Sounds like a fair deal to me.

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