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  in APB, News
APB Reloaded Open Beta is coming on May 18th

2 new patches have been announced for APB. Patch 79 and Patch 80 are both scheduled for May release and Patch 79 has already been deployed last Thursday. You can read Patch 80 details which is scheduled for release on Tuesday. Several bugfixes coming with tomorrow's patch. In its closed beta stage at the moment, APB will go open beta on May 18th.  


  in Drakensang, News
Drakensang has a new patch

Bigpoint has released a new patch for its highly anticipated browser game Drakensang Online. Drakensang features amazing graphics and lets you become a spellweaver or dragonknight to learn skills and fight thousands of players online in this epic story of Drakensang saga.


  in Aion, News
Aion Online Patch 2.5 Details

Aion's patch 2.5 details have been announced on Aion's official website. Patch will feature 2 new instances as well as a new item enhancement system, new pets, new mood system and several game bug fixes. There are also new in-game events to be hold in the following weeks.


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