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  in League of Legends, News
lol patch 3.9 preview

League of Legends patch 3.9 is going to introduce changes to champions Drawen and Leblanc as well as visition items. Today's patch preview video goes over these changes. Most of the changes are related to Drawen and his lane domination against other champions. In this patch, Drawen's getting a nerf as his passive is changing to something more entertaining. The new passive is called "League of Drawen" and it will offer bonus gold when he kills a champion and the other way around when he is killed. See the patch preview video after the break.

  in Firefall, News
firefall beta

The time has come for the fans of Red 5 Studios' open world shooter MMO game "Firefall". The Open Beta has just kicked off, allowing anyone to download and visit New Eden, to fight the evil forces of The Chosen. If you have been following us, this doesn't concern you much but if you have missed the Beta Key giveaways for Firefall, then it's your time to sign up for the Open Beta. Red 5 is also offering new Beta Starter Packs for players who want to add extra items. Read after the break details.

  in Eve Online, News

There's a ship in Eve Online so rare that it's worth $8000. It's so rare there was only supposed to be three in the whole game, and it was thought that nothing could destroy it. This was recently proven wrong, as three became two and one Eve Online player became very, very unhappy.

Thankfully, someone was recording at the time, so we can all watch the very moment that the eight grand he'd invested in a video game went south.

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