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Guns and Robots: Beta Impressions & Screenshots [Updated]

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guns and robots betaMasthead Studios' free to play robot smashing game Guns & Robots has just completed its last Beta weekend. We had the chance to take a look at the make-your-own-robot game. Since the first day the game was announced, it has been on our radar. It's a fantastic idea to give players the chance to make their own robots and battle! This gets better with the funny style of the robots. Continue reading for our first impressions and screenshots.


Guns & Robots: These Robots Look Funny but Battle Hard!

I finally had the chance to play Guns and Robots yesterday. I say finally because it had caught my attention the first time I read the game's announcement a few months ago. Masthead Studios' debut MMO game Guns and Robots gives you all sorts of freedom in assembling your own fun-style robot. There are hundreds of different body parts you can choose from to make your own killing robot. Most of them look like toasters but they have funny accessories, almost make them too adorable to leave them on a battlefield. You almost feel like you want to go back to your garage and continue designing your own robot. Jump to Gameplay Video>>

An image is worth a thousand words, here are some screenshots I took yesterday. Take a look at the funny style of these robots. Don't let it fool ya! They get serious when it comes to fighting!

Guns and Robots Beta Screenshot 1

Our own toaster with night-vision goggles!

Let me walk you through the game a little bit. You start off with a selection of robot parts and modules. These are divided into categories. Chassis, Arms, Head, Guns and Body. You first pick a chassis module. You can buy different styles of chassis at the in-game shop. Thanks to the developers, we had plenty of cash to play with. There are hundreds of parts and you can even show your crafting skills. 

Guns and Robots Gameplay Video

Once you manage to assemble your first robot you are ready to test it at your own garage. I have to say it's a little bit annoying and confusing at times, trying to figure out which part is compatible with another.

Guns and Robots testing a robot

This is where you put your first robot to test.

Once you are happy with your robot (not visually) you can try entering the real battle. To be honest, I think I was a little bit late entering the Beta and didn't really have the chance to test the Battle mode. It was the last day of the Beta and for some reason there wasn't anyone else testing the game. So I was only able to check out the only available map at the time. The map was stylish just like our robots. It felt like a scene from a Western movie and you can tell how my little robot went all Clint Eastwood there. (see the images below).

Guns and Robots map

The graphics are beautiful. It has the style and animations are top quality as well. I really liked the robot models and the game engine does an awesome job, it feels like a finished product if you ignore the ugly fonts and little glitches with the robot assembler (you go crazy at times trying to place the body part in the right pixels).

Guns and Robots - Garage

Guns and Robots surely have a lot of potential. Customization is king in MMOs. All MMO gamers dig Customization options and from what I have seen so far in Guns and Robots, there will be thousands of combinations you can have with hundreds of robot parts and crafting. We will release a couple of gameplay videos tomorrow (now it's here too) on our YouTube channel to be followed by a more detailed Guns and Robots preview. Until then, you can visit Guns and Robots website here and enjoy the screenshots below.

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