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Serenia Fantasy CBT codes

Serenia Fantasy is a fantasy MMO by Koram Game and they have sent us 500 Closed Beta access codes. Today, the CBT has launched and when you get a CBT access code, you also get an exclusive Starter Gift Pack. Hurry up before we still have codes!

Set in the lands of Serenia Continent, players will take on a whole host of different quests and missions, taking them across the continent from the hazardous icy plains right the way to the underwater land of the Nagarian. On this epic and perilous journey, players will help to protect villagers from zombies, fight for survival in the Halo Coliseum, hunt sharks in the underwater land of the Nagarian, free the besieged Mage Village and undertake many more enthralling and exciting missions across all the lands of Serenia.

Serenia Fantasy Closed Beta keys

How to get your key?

See the "Add to cart" button below? Click it and complete the order (don't worry, it's all free) and we'll send the code to your e-mail instantly!

How to redeem the Starter Gift Pack

Closed Beta Paraoh Gift Pack includes:


- Gold 50000
- Tokens 200
- Magic SourceⅢ
- Life SourceⅢ
- Mini Teleport Crystal*100
- Double EXP Orb*10
- Upgrade Gem [Lv.1-30] *100
- Multi-Use Robe*5
- Packsack, Changing Hairstyle Card
- Mount Dye
- Wings Fortify Feather*50
- Mount EVO Potion*50
- BOSS Quality Pet/Spirit – Sphinx [Lv.30].

To redeem the gift pack, logon and talk to the NPC named "Sarah" and choose "Redeem Code Reward" option, enter your code and voila! You will then receive the gift in your in-game mail.



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