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Dark Orbit Review

DARK ORBIT Genre: Sci-Fi MMO (Browser based game) Type: Free to Play Publisher: BigPoint Release: 2009 Client: No Downloads required Ready to play now? Click the image! Published by Bigpoint Games, Dark Orbit is a free to play Sci-Fi Action MMO in which three companies fight to dominate. Millions of players play this game for a chance to win $10.000    Far galaxies and a neverending...
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Reviewed on:May 18, 2011

Fiesta Review

FIESTA review  Publisher: Outspark Free 2 Play RPG Genre: MMORPG Fantasy Release Date: 2008 Ready to play now? Click the image! Welcome to the dark world of Isya, where Humans and Elves battle together against various enemies amongst the land. Fiesta is a Free MMORPG fantasy that was created by Outspark, who have developed many MMO, RPG, RTS and other online and multi-player games. Although Fiesta is...
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Reviewed on:April 15, 2011

Prime World review

Prime World MOBA review Release: 2013 Prime World is a brand new MOBA title, although the developers have tried to shake things up somewhat. Rather than go for the same map layout, very similar characters and even the same items, they’ve taken the base idea and built it into something completely unique. By adding shades of MMORPG and MMORTS games, and by including a “single player” mode, Prime World is a MOBA...
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Reviewed on:June 26, 2013

Pirate 101 Review

Pirate 101 Review Free to play Fantasy MMO Publisher: Kingisle  Released: 2012 When you are ready, Click the image to play! I downloaded Pirate 101 expecting to be disappointed. The screenshots and imagery on their official website make it look like some evil Frankenstein’s monster of a game for Kinect and some cheap fantasy MMO. Talking animals? Check. “Cute” pirates? Check. This was going to be a game...
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Reviewed on:October 18, 2012

Settlers Online Review

Settlers Online Review   Free to play browser MMO reviewed Also known as Castle Empire Publisher: Ubisoft Released: 2011 Ready to play now? Click the image! The Settlers Online "Great game within MMORTS genre"" reviewed by Mat Growcott, Written on March 8, 2012 Rating: 4 stars The Settlers Online : Castle Empire, an online spin-off from Ubisoft’s The Settlers series (and formerly named after that...
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Reviewed on:March 7, 2012

Total Domination review

Total Domination gameplay review Genre: MMORTS Released: 2012 Ready to play now? Click the image!   It’s the future. You’re the leader of a bloodthirst, war-ready little city, and you must prove that you can “convince” the world of your undoubtable power. Welcome to Total Domination, an MMORTS game from Plarium Social Games. Along with a super smooth user interface and above-average graphics, Total...
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Reviewed on:April 26, 2013

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