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Battlefield Heroes Review

  Battlefield Heroes Review    Free to play MMO Shooter  Publisher: EA Digital Illusions var cpmstar_rnd=Math.round(Math.random()*999999); var cpmstar_pid=14493; var cpmstar_subpid=0; document.writeln(""); Battlefield Heroes Video Review  [jwplayer|file=|image=] Find more...
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Reviewed on:August 1, 2012

Alliance of Valiant Arms Review

Alliance of Valiant Arms Review   Genre: Free to play MMOFPS Publisher: Aeria Release Date: Nov, 2009 (NA)     I’ve been playing an awful lot of Counter-Strike lately. With Global Offensive on the horizon and decent prices on the bundle, it seemed like a no brainer to choose this time to get into it. Where Counter-Strike was a titan of the modding scene and, later, a major string in Valve’s bow...
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Reviewed on:August 19, 2012

Jade Dynasty review

Jade Dynasty Review  Genre: Fantasy MMORPG  Publisher: Perfect World  Free to play Get your DevilsMMO special item pack for Jade Dynasty->   I’ve been generally unimpressed by Asian influenced MMOs of late. Instead of examining culture and what makes up Japan and China (the two countries developers generally mean when they say their game has an “Asian influence”), we instead get...
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Reviewed on:May 16, 2012

Stronghold Kingdoms Review

    Stronghold Kingdoms Review  Genre: MMORTS  Publisher: Firefly   The Good  Small download size  Well populated and decent features  Decent visuals The Bad  Waiting times You may have played a lot of MMORTS games  but our guess is none have been exactly like Stronghold Kingdoms.  For a start, I’m sure this is the first...
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Reviewed on:May 13, 2012

League of Legends Re-Review

League of Legends Review New Review 2012 Publisher: Riot Games Genre: MOBA Ready to play now? Click the image! League of Legends is one of the first wave of games that took the MOBA genre mainstream. After years of the DotA mod taking names and breaking hearts, LoL (as it’s affectionately known) was an attempt at making the genre standalone and it was a complete success, becoming a staple of online PC gaming (of...
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Reviewed on:September 1, 2012

Ministry of War review

  Ministry of War review Browser based MMORTS  Genre: Free to play real time strategy MMO  Publisher: Snail Games    When a game describes itself as the most advanced browser game in the world, you have to take a step back and admire it. No doubt some marketing genius patted himself on the back over that one for hours, but really that can only be setting things up to fail, surely. I came across...
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Reviewed on:May 1, 2012

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