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Wizard 101 Review

WIZARD 101  review Publisher: Kingisle Entertainment Free to Play Published by KingIsle Entertainment, Wizard 101 is a magical MMORPG that places players into the role of young witches and wizards starting out on their journey through the craft.The game is Free to Play. Ready to play now? Click the image! If a school for wizards and witches sounds eerily familiar – I’m talking...
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Reviewed on:February 6, 2013

WarFlow Review

WARFLOW Publisher: Dovo Games Free to Play Warflow is an MMORTS war game. The story takes place in ancient lands where three nations have been at war for a long time. You are going to be the hero to bring peace to these lands.
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Reviewed on:April 7, 2011

Call of Gods Review

CALL OF GODS Genre: MMORTS   Upon signing up for Call of Gods the first NPC I met was called Victoria, she was wearing very little. A beautiful woman dressed with gold decorations, basically there to cover her chest. Like many of the other men to log into the servers for Call of Gods, I imagine my first thought was “I’m going to like this MMO.”   var cpmstar_rnd=Math.round(Math...
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Reviewed on:October 26, 2011

Faxion Review

FAXION: HEAVEN OR HELL? Publisher: UTV True Games Free 2 play open beta stage Genre: MMORPG Release date: 2011 CLICK ABOVE AND PLAY FOR FREE     Another free to play MMORPG. This one however comes with unique features. Faxion Online in its testing stages claim to offer high impact PVP experience as well as unique features such as Visceral Combat System.    ...
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Reviewed on:April 14, 2011

Prime World review

Prime World MOBA review Release: 2013 Prime World is a brand new MOBA title, although the developers have tried to shake things up somewhat. Rather than go for the same map layout, very similar characters and even the same items, they’ve taken the base idea and built it into something completely unique. By adding shades of MMORPG and MMORTS games, and by including a “single player” mode, Prime World is a MOBA...
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Reviewed on:June 26, 2013

Marvel Heroes Review

The idea of a Marvel MMO has long been bandied around. It’s been something that’s been in development before, that has been pitched and re-pitched. While DC Universe Online ticked along rather successfully, Marvel seemed to offer up little more than web games and the underwhelming Avengers tie-in. After years of waiting, that has all changed. Marvel Heroes not only gives you the chance to play as some of the most famous heroes...
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Reviewed on:June 5, 2013

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