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Absolute Force Online

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Absolute Force Online closed beta

FPS fans, DevilsMMO and TQ Digital has partnered to bring you the new MMOFPS game "Absolute Force Online" which stands out among other free-to-play shooters with its RPG elements and stunning visuals thanks to the Unreal Engine 3. As the Closed Beta testing is launching on November 22nd for all regions, we give you the chance to join in and give it a whirl. You won't regret it! Just get ready for some serious shooter time!

Absolute Force Online CBT Launch Video

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The new MMOFPS Absolute Force Online is entering its Closed Beta next week. This brand new gameplay video showcases character creation, class selection, and customization options including the all-hot female characters show-off. The customization of your character involves a lot of tattoo art as well and from what we saw in the video, there are so many items to customize your character with. See various game modes and PvP maps in the video. For more on Absolute Force Online, click here>>

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Absolute Force Online screenshot

A new MMOFPS always sounds great. We can't have enough of first person shooters. This is a proven formula and I don't think any other genre without any real innovation could have stayed alive for so long as the FPS genre. Today, Netdragon announced its upcoming MMOFPS game that features the battle between the Fallen Angel and Justice Hand groups following the war in 1979 between the Soviets and Afghanistan. Read on for first details and the debut trailer.

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