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aion 4.0

Gameforge has revealed the release date of AION 4.0 that is going to introduce new classes for the first time in the history of the MMORPG. Scheduled to be released this August, AION 4.0 is going to feature new classes along with new features to Atreia, from a new maximum level cap of 65, to new areas surrounding Katalam, new instances and a new base combat as well as better customization for characters. Continue reading for the first set of screenshots and the details of the new features.

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AION update 3.0 features

Gameforge will release the most extensive update for AION next week, on August 15th. This new content update will feature two new areas; Sarpan and Tiamaranta, as well as faster mounts and an improved Housing System. There are also other minor features included in 3.0 update. Read on for first details and new AION 3.0 screenshots.

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AION detached house

Yesterday, we posted the details of AION's new Housing System that allows players to customize their own home. The new update also introduced the new Detached Houses that came in limited numbers that would be selled at auctions. Continue reading to see one of those Detached Houses.

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