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Allods Online

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Path to Victory

Allods Online's upcoming update 4.02, also known as Path to Victory is going to be released on June 5, 2013. The biggest feature of the update is that it will give players the tools to create their own dungeons and game content, welcoming other players to raid as groups. Path to Victory also introduces the new crafting tradeskill : Weaponsmith. See the announcement deatils along with screenshots when you continue reading.

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Allods Online Lords of Destiny

Allods Online's upcoming game expansion "Lords of Destiny" will launch on March 12th, 2013 but before its launch next month, Gala Networks is planning to give players the chance to test-drive the new content on test servers. The testing will begin February 22nd. The testing for the biggest end-game expansion of Allods Online will be open to all players but a group of selected players will have their current characters cloned to the testing server to see the end-game content. Read on for details.

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Allods Online Goblinball

Allods Online's Autumn Update goes live today. The new update features the 12-player new skirmish "Summerhold", the all new and improved Crafting System and a revamped version of the in-game footie action Goblinball. Check out the new screenshots featuring this new version of Goblinball and the new Summerhold skirmish. 

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