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APB Reloaded

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APB Reloaded

Content updates rarely include new music. Most developers overlook this. Reloaded Games doesn't. Who knew APB Reloaded had a rock band among its fans? Industrial rock band Dope Stars is coming to the streets of San Paro with three tracks from the band's latest album "Ultrawired". The band is known with their passion for games, internet, Science Fiction and virtual worlds. Dope Stars members call fans of APB Reloaded as Ultrawired people and said that self-expression is what makes music and gaming alike.

01. April, 2013Tags: APB Reloaded, Interview, MMO Blog

APB Reloaded interviewAPB : All Points Bulletin was originally created by David Jones the man behind the original Grand Theft Auto game. Following the sale of the IP by Realtime Worlds to Gamersfirst, the game continued its development by Reloaded Productions. In 2011, Gamersfirst released the title as a free to play MMO game. Last week, we had the chance to talk to APB Reloaded's producer Myra Widodo about APB's past and future including next month's update "Settling the Score". Continue reading for this insightful interview.

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