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Battle For Graxia

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graxia is down

Rise of Immortals had launched initially in 2011. The free to play MOBA title was set in the world of Graxia, 300 years after the Guardian of Graxia game by Petroglyph Games. The free to play MOBA had its place in the history of the genre but it had never become a popular title. This year Petroglyph tried to review the title with the Battle for Graxia update. It was never meant to be...

  in Battle For Graxia, News
battle for graxia moba

MOBA fans, there is a new contender as Petroglyph has announced the official launch of its free to play MOBA game Battle for Graxia. The game has been evolving and it's been tested behind closed doors. The launch also means the introduction of new features such as the new Replay mode that allows players to see recorded matches. This was probably the most wanted feature in every MOBA game, as it helps players study tactics. White Knight feature is also a unique feature never before seen in a MOBA game. Sign up now for free 1000 credits in game!

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