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Darkfall Unholy Wars

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Darkfall Unholy Wars is now live

Another combat oriented MMORPG is being released today. No it's not just another generic MMORPG. On the contrary, it's the sequel to Darkfall. Darkfall: Unholy Wars which aims to change the way MMORPG players combat in games, sees the daylight today as Greek developer Aventurine has just announced. Unfortunately for those who don't like subscription based games, Darkfall: Unholy Wars is subscription based, who knows for how long... Read on for release day details of this no-zone, no-instance MMORPG.

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Darkfall: Unholy Wars elementalist

Darkfall: Unholy Wars' character progression will be based on Prowess. Today, developers of the game revealed the details of this Prowess based character progression system. Players in Darkfall: Unholy Wars will gain prowess points from harvesting, crafting, killion monsters, PvP and other in-game activities. Depending on the difficulty of each achievement, there will be equivalen rewards for prowess points. Read on as we take a better look at crafting skills and how you can raise attributes.

Darkfall: Unholy Wars' Crafting System

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See the crafting system of Darkfall: Unholy Wars in this new trailer. From what we have seen in this new trailer, 98 different harvested materials, 17 crafting skills, 12 crafting masteries, 75 unique crafted materials, 410 unique crafting recipes, 616 unique craftable items make it all a very advanced crafting system in Darkfall. Just take a look at some of the crafting screens in the video...

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