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The standalone version of DayZ was actually due last year, but with various development issues and WarZ making a bad name for the genre as the whole, things haven't been as quick as perhaps many of us would have liked. Either way, the wait will soon be over. Along with this exciting news, Dean Hall, the creator of the DayZ mod and the lead on the standalone project, also spoke about how you can expect to pay for DayZ Standalone at launch.

12. August, 2012Tags: DayZ, MMO Blog, MMO Industry

Genre Changing Game DayZI’ve yet to play the massively popular ARMA II mod DayZ. I’ve seen guides on how to do it and it just looks like a chore, especially when you consider that it’s today officially been announced as going standalone. Over the next few weeks we’ll discover exactly when we’ll be able to get our dirty mitts on DayZ: The Non-Mod Version and how much it’ll cost. As it stands though, you’re expected to buy a game (actually an add-on, you can play the mod with the free-to-play version of the base game and the Operation Arrowhead add-on) and then tinker endlessly to get the mod itself working.

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