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Dota 2

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dota 2

A lot of sites have reported that DotA 2 has now gone free-to-play, and that anybody can now head onto Steam and download the game for nothing. This isn't true. They're actually talking about the Spectator version of the game, a version that has been available to download now for almost a year. Although DotA 2 will very shortly go fully free-to-play, it isn't coming today.

  in Dota 2, News

It's funny to be writing this, considering that DotA 2 has been a permanent fixture in thousands of Steam accounts for well over a year now, but DotA 2 will officially launch later this year. It's currently in open beta, although people are selling their keys for less than ten cents in many cases, so its release status is cloudy at best.

Those of you that didn't want to buy, have no friends from whom to grab a code or just haven't been interested until now will be happy to know that DotA 2 will be available, free-to-play, in the Summer.


05. August, 2012Tags: Dota 2, Heroes of Newerth, MMO Blog, MOBA

Best MOBA GamesIt’s difficult to try and suggest one MOBA game over another to other people without hours and hours of experience, measuring minute differences and playing with every character available, at least to a decent level. Of course, there are people that actually do that, who write guides and test balancing and a whole manner of things that I wouldn’t even know how to begin with. What more casual players of the genre look at – and there are casual players, really there are – are graphics, ease of use and community. Over the past few days I’ve been playing Heroes of Newerth and DotA 2 quite a bit, so I thought we’d take a look at the ups and downs of both games, and which you should play.

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