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Dust 514

Dust 514 - Eve - Battle For Caldari

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Perhaps the most innovative concept for MMOs in a decade; EVE Online and Dust 514 are now ready to show off what they are capable of. Dust 514 players battle on the ground while Eve Online players provide support from the skies. Watch this new "Battle for Caldari" prime and witness the cross-platform and cross-game battle in one universe on the planet of Caldari Prime. As they call it: "One universe, one war!"

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  in Dust 514, Eve Online, News

CCP has been hining more on the interaction between Dust 514 and Eve Online lately. We are now on the verge of a major battle as the tension is high on the planet of Caldari Prime. The open war between Gallente Federation and the Caldari State is not going to stop anytime soon and this weekend, this planet and beyond will see the biggest war as Concord, the in-game police force has been issuing a warning for spaceship pilots. Dust 514 mercenaries should get ready for events this weekend. Read on for the latest details.

  in Dust 514, News
Dust 514 expansions

CCP has revealed the details of Dust 514's upcoming expansion. The new update is going to introduce the planetary conquest where Dust 514 players will get involved with more of New Eden. Dust 514 player corporations are going to be able to conquer districts on planets in an effort to conquer the entire planet afterwards. This battle for planets will get Eve Online players involved as they will be able to provide aerial support to troops battling on the ground. Read on for the details of this expansion coming later this year.

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