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Dust 514

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Dust 514 Eve Online

What makes Dust 514 so special? It's not the graphics, is it? Of course it's the game's integration with CCP's long running MMO Eve Online. Now that Dust 514 is about to move on from its Beta Testing on Singularity, CCP has announced that it's going to be taking Dust 514 universe to Eve Online's Tranquility server. Special day for CCP Games, as they mention, it's also a very special day for MMO games. Eve Onlin fans, expect to see Dust 514's tough mercenaries around you on Thursday!

Dust 514 Short Film Shows Mercenary Career

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CCP Games released this new Dust 514 video last week. The short film showcases everything related to the career of a mercenary in the upcoming shooter game. Learn all about Dust 514 from combat to vehicles, from items to the marketplace in game and the Neocom interface. For more on Dust 514, click here>> Also read our Dust 514 First Impressions here->

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  in Dust 514, News
Dust 514 Matchmaker

CCP developers posted the first details of the upcoming Instant Battle Match-Making System for the MMO Shooter Dust 514. Dust 514 in Beta phase will receive updates regarding the match-making system and the first update will introduce the all-new instant battle matchmaking algorithm. The purpose of the matchmaking algorithm is to achieve fair-battles by matching equally skilled players against each other in an instant battle. Continue reading for more.

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