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Dust 514

06. July, 2012Tags: Dust 514, MMO Blog

Dust 514 ReviewDust 514 has been an amazing concept since the initial announcement three years ago at E3. The idea of having a shooter, an MMOFPS that is not only affected by, but also can make or break actions in EVE Online. In theory it adds another layer to playing the same game time and time again, and that’s something that the genre desperately needs. The problem is that games aren’t reviewed on their concepts and they’re definitely not bought because of the developer’s intentions. Does Dust 514 live up to years of hype or is it just another military shooter designed to keep you playing for months on end? We took part in the first beta test this weekend, just in case you didn’t get to.

08. June, 2012Tags: Dust 514, E3, E3 2012, MMO Blog, Preview

Dust 514 preview E3When someone tells you that your favorite MMO is getting FPS treatment, the proper reaction should be equal parts terror and joy. The world (or in this case, universe) where you and friends slave away on the PC is coming to a console, where you can compete head-to-head with your actual in-game rivals, and bolster your stats? That sounds incredible! But if it isn’t done right, can it ruin the entire experience of not just one, but both games?

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CCP Games today announced more details of the highly anticipated MMO FPS game Dust 514 which will be set in Eve Online universe. The premier beta event for Dust 514 will begin on June 29th. Players can now register for the beta and see the new E3 trailer that shows the main features of the game.

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