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Elder Scrolls Online

MMO Games in 2013We’ve taken a long look back at the year behind us and seen the massive amount that 2012 offered to the MMO world, both good and bad. Now I think we need to look forward, at 2013, and at the game and events that will keep us going through the next 12 months. Like 2012, you should expect a few sleeper hits to come out of nowhere, but with The Elder Scrolls Online on the horizon, there’s every chance that the entire MMO ecosystem is going to implode. Why? Let’s take a look.

09. November, 2012Tags: Elder Scrolls Online, MMO Blog

The Elder Scrolls Online introduction previewAfter months of speculation, hoping and straight out guessing, Zenimax Online have finally revealed the first details for The Elder Scrolls Online. And what a reveal it was. The 9 minute opening video contains a ton of details on many of the systems in the game; many of the locations had much of what the developers are trying to do to make it as special an experience as possible. All of it sounds absolutely fantastic on paper and, I have to admit, it’s difficult not to start to feel quite excited about the whole thing. If they manage to pull off what they’re trying to pull off, it might just change the MMO world entirely. As part of a well-known brand, pushing innovation and building upon genre staples, could The Elder Scrolls Online be the next World of Warcraft?

10. June, 2012Tags: E3 2012, Elder Scrolls Online, MMO Blog

Elder Scrolls Online preview E3Elder Scrolls fans rejoice! The world of Elder Scrolls, the entirety of Tamriel, is coming to the world in a single playable persistent open-world game. It’s doing so in an MMO fashion, but also taking many of the RPG elements that make games like Oblivion and Skyrim so popular. And it does all of this for individual players, small teams, and full raid parties. Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online. The game has secretly been in development for over five years by ZeniMax Online Studios, and has been formally announced before E3.

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