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Elsword Awakened Phase 3

Elsword Awakened is entering its third and final phase as Killercombo announced today. The third phase of Awakened will bring back the tower defense level "Gates of Darkness" which was briefly available in Spring. The first two phases of Awakened had introduced revamped skill trees for the sake of a more balanced PvP. Meanwhile, the developer will launch a two-weekend special event in game. Read on for the details of Elsword Awakened Phase 3 update.

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Elsword Awakened Phase 2

Elsword's latest update Awakened had launched with its Phase 1 earlier this year. Today, the game's developer Kill3rCombo announced the 2nd phase of the content update. The phase 1 of the update had focused on skill rebalance and PvP updates. Second phase of Awakened introduces a new secret dungeon as well as updating the gameplay of current dungeons. Read on for the screen-shots and details of the 2nd phase of Awakened.

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Elsword Hamel Update Goes Live

Elsword Online, free to play manga inspired MMORPG is receiving a new content update this week. Players will find two new levels in the seaside kingdom of Hamel and they will be able to level up to level 56, the new level cap. At the core of Hamel, waits players the giant demonic wrestler "Victor" who is known for body slamming. Read on to see a bunch of new screenshots.

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