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It's often we run into games that requires large sizes of downloads. Today, Elsword publisher Kill3rcombo announced new dungeons and the new streaming system allowing new players get in the game quicker than ever before. There is also a new dungeon with 35 boss monsters offering a tough test.

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Elsword Valentine's day

Valentine's day is surely full of surprises for the MMO gamers, well at least for those who choose to play MMO games tomorrow... Elsword players will find special bonuses and rewards when they get chocolates and staple including heart shaped boxes. There are also random rewards and special GM events waiting for you in Elsword.

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Elsword holiday season

Character job classes, additional levels and update features are being added to Elsword. In the spirit of holiday season, there will be special promotions which players can receive if they sign up for a special five day newsletter. And finally on December 21st, the final levels of the Feita will become available.

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