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End of Nations

End of Nations is a MOBA game from Trion Worlds. Find the latest news, gameplay videos and reviews of End Of Nations.
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End of Nations open beta postponed

Have you been hearing rumors around regarding the future of End of Nations? As you may already know, the game's highly anticipated Open Beta was postponed last week with a quick announcement by Trion Worlds. Today we have reached out to Trion Worlds to ask if there is anything else, hopefully nothing as suggested by some of the rumors around. Read on to find out what's actually going on with End of Nations.

08. October, 2012Tags: End of Nations, MMO Blog

End of Nations impressions reviewI’ve waited for this day for quite a while. One of my favourite new games is finally having the NDA lifted, and it’s exciting to be able to talk about the End of Nations beta. To be honest, I’m not sure why it was there in the first place – besides the usual on-going development sort of thing. I’ve played some games in beta that have been dreadful – the gameplay has felt near unfixable, the graphics have been ugly and barely passable, the connection has been cutting out every five minutes – and for games with a little more hype behind them than End of Nations. I can understand why a bad game will desperately need an NDA, but something that has had so much quality since that very first beta session – I’ve wanted to write about it for months. So how does this massive jump for the MMORTS genre play out? Read on, although you should probably get it downloading while you read.

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End of Nations CBT4

End of Nations is a spectacular MMORTS from what we have experienced in the previous beta tests. The final Beta test is launching tomorrow from 8AM PST and it also means the removal of NDA limitations. We will finally be able to share all our experience with you along with screen-shots and videos. Trion Worlds is also gifting 500 in-game credits to those who have participated in the Beta. Read on for the final Beta details.

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