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End of Nations

End of Nations is a MOBA game from Trion Worlds. Find the latest news, gameplay videos and reviews of End Of Nations.

End of Nations : In the company of Heroes and Mercenaries

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In End of Nations, Heroes can have multiple special abilities and they are used best when you want to surprise your enemies. And then there are mercenaries that you want to use them to battle on your behalf. When you combine heroes and mercenaries, you make your own unique company that can battle the way you want it to do. Another great feature is that you can synergise heroes and their abilities with other units to make them work even better. Find more on End of Nations here->

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End of Nations Closed Beta 2

End of Nations Closed Beta #1 was extended but it was still nothing but a tease if you ask the fans of the game and actually the fans of the RTS games or us at DevilsMMO. There is so much to discover in End of Nations and we desperately need another go at it. Lucky for us, Trion Worlds doesn't plan to wait us too long. The second beta is already scheduled. Read on for the details of the End of Nations CBT #2 and sign up for it this time.

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End of Nations Beta Invitation

Trion Worlds has announced that it has extended the Closed Beta testing of End of Nations for another 24 hours. This means, if you have an invitation code but have not been playing the Beta over the weekend, you still have another day to give it a shot. Don't worry if you don't have a code. Hurry up, here is a code good for 100 uses. 

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