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Eve Online

09. July, 2013Tags: Eve Online, MMO Blog

Everybody is talking about the guy that owned the $8000 ship in Eve Online. I say owned, because it was destroyed. It was supposedly more or less invincible and yet, after pulling it out as a swift end to a giant battle, one person found himself $8000 poorer. 

This isn't the first Eve Online story to go around. It seems not even a few months can go by without someone somewhere spending an obscene amount of money on space ships, or real estate in Second World. To someone like me, that rarely buys DLC, let alone invests huge amounts of money in virtual items, it seems a little excessive...

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There's a ship in Eve Online so rare that it's worth $8000. It's so rare there was only supposed to be three in the whole game, and it was thought that nothing could destroy it. This was recently proven wrong, as three became two and one Eve Online player became very, very unhappy.

Thankfully, someone was recording at the time, so we can all watch the very moment that the eight grand he'd invested in a video game went south.

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eve online odyssey announced

CCP Games had announced the "Odyssey" update before PAX East. The developer has just confirmed that the expansion for Eve Online has gone live. Eve Online: Odyssey, Eve's 19th free expansion introduced a Discovery Scanner, rebalanced zones, enhanced game UI, addition to the storyline beyond Battle for Caldari Prime as well as new ships and redesigned tools. CCP has also launched the teaser website for Odyssey. Read on for the details.

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