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Eve Online

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Eve Online Retribution

CCP Games announced the upcoming expansion for its Sci-Fi MMO Eve Online. Eve Online's next expansion is called "Retribution" and it is going to be released in December. Retribution is the beginning of a new era in Eve Universe following a year of turmoil. Bounty Hunting, Crimewatch, new ships and new roles are among the new features of the next expansion. Continue reading for the first details of Retrbiution 1.0. 

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Eve Online's classic annual event Alliance Tournament is launching this weekend. The 10th Alliance Tournament will involve drama for both the victors and defeats. Alliance Tournament rewards the winners with massive fame gains while the defeats lose pride and assets. CCP Games will be streaming the event live with expert commentary.

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Eve Online Inferno 1.1

CCP is going to release the Inferno 1.1 update tomorrow. Inferno 1.1 offers a series of exciting new features and upgrades such as the enhanced visuals including a massive V3 shader update for Minmatar fleet, new male and female uniforms for all factions and major component updates and fixes including including War Declaration, Unified Inventory, and Incursions. 

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