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Eve Online

Eve Online: New Drake Model

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CCP has posted a new video that shows the remodeling of the Drake Caldari Battlecruiser which was done with the upgrade to turret and missile launcher models.

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CCP has posted all the details of the ultimate battle, Eve Online Alliance X. Top pilots in Eve Online will battle for 4 weeks in Eve Online for the glory and honor of their alliance. The tournament will begin June 30th. Read on for the complete schedule and other details. 

  in Eve Online, News
Eve Online Inferno

CCP Games is going to release Eve Online's new expansion "Inferno" on May 22nd, 2012. The upcoming expansion will bring loads of new features to the the Sci-Fi MMO. Meanwhile, PS3 shooter that will be connected to Eve Online universe, "Dust 514" is going to launch later this year.

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