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Eve Online

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It looks like Eve Online players were looking forward to getting an NVIDIA graphics card. CCP's latest trade in-game currency for Graphics Card program was possibly the most successful trade event ever in Eve Online as it took players only 64 seconds to get all 100 cards. Players also use Plex units in charity events.

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Eve Fanfest 2012 recap

Have you been able to visit Eve Fanfest 2012 in Rejkjavik, Iceland? Well, if you were not among the lucky ones who visited the fanfest, CCP has added new videos to give you a chance to experience the Fanfest now. Continue reading to see the videos.

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Eve Online Fanfest 2012

Eve Fanfest has begun in Rejkjavik, Iceland. As you are probably at home wondering where in the world Rejkjavik is, we have got good news for you. You won't miss much as CCP is streaming the event online. Continue reading for events list and schedule.

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