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Eve Online

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Eve Fanfest 2012 to be streamed online

It was only wise for CCP to stream Eve Fanfest online. The event will take place all the way in Rejkjavik, Iceland, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. And lucky for Eve Online fans who won't be able to make it to the event, CCP announced that they will be streaming it online.

  in Eve Online, News
Eve Online Crucible update 1.5

CCP is going to launch Eve Online: Crucible , update 1.5 tomorrow (March 13th). EVE Online’s eternal crucible of warfare, politics and industry will be strongly tested as EVE Online: Crucible will turn up the heat on the space combat experience. There is also a new launcher that will install Eve Online and its updates in the background.

  in Dust 514, Eve Online, News
Dust 514 debut in Icelend

Eve Online's developer CCP will give players a chance to test Dust 514 at the Eve Fanfest 2012 between March 22 and March 24. Dust 514 is going to be the first free-to-play First Person Shooter on PS3 set in persistent world of Eve Online.

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