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Eve Online

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Dust 514 and Eve Online currency

Sony and CCP have been working hard on the upcoming MMOFPS Dust 514 which will be taking place in the same world with EVE Online. The revolutionary game will also have a PS Vita version. Sony and CCP are working on a universal currency solution for PC and console players.

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Crucible Features

CCP has posted a comprehensive features list for Crucible 1.1 patch. The Crucible 1.1 will be available from Tuesday and it will feature NeoCom enhancements, several GUI improvements such as sortable Skill Sheet and gameplay tweaks.

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Eve Online update 15

CCP is getting ready to launch the 15th free expansion for Eve Online. This new update will feature over 36 improvements. According to the first news from the publisher, there will be changes to graphics, interface and game mechanics based on feedback from players.

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