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Everquest II

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Everquest 2 update 66

Sony Online Entertainment has just confirmed that Everquest II: Scars of the Awakened Beta has launched. What this means for players is that you can now copy your Everquest II character over to the new test server and play the Update 66 : Scars of the Awakened as long as you want. Scars of the Awakened will go live on April 30th. Read on for the announcement.

  in Everquest II, News
Everquest 2 nox incessit

Everquest II is getting a new content update today and it features several PvP related enhancements, new raid content as well as Guild Achievements. Today, we're going to take a look at Guild Achievements and tghe new raid content. Long story short, there are three new raids launching today and there will be over 150 new Guild Achievements spanning over all expansion. Read on for details of Everquest II's February 26 update.

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