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03. January, 2013Tags: Gaming Hardware, Guild Wars 2, MMO Blog, Tips

Improve Guild Wars 2 frame rateGuild Wars 2 is a fantastic game. Offering beautiful graphics and a rich, detailed world, there wasn’t another MMORPG released in 2012 that can touch it in regards to sheer value. If I absolutely had to complain about something though, it’d have to be the frame rate and lag. There are times when the game almost comes to a stop, and in modern gaming and on modern hardware, that shouldn’t ever be an issue. Today we take a very quick look at the best ways to optimize your Guild Wars 2 experience, how to improve the frame rate and reduce lag caused by the PC hardware (andyou’re your connection) while making it look as shiny as it should.

26. August, 2012Tags: Gaming Hardware, MMO Blog

How To Pick A Gaming Mouse
How do you choose the right gaming mouse? Actually, what makes it the right one for you? What factors should you consider when deciding on your next gaming mouse?. I tried to find answers to these questions based on my own experiences. With years of gaming, I have purchased tones of mice, including regular ones and gaming-grade ones. Let’s take a look at some of the finest mice on the market today and try to understand what makes a perfect mouse.

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STRIKE7 gaming keyboard

If you have an extra few bucks, well, some bucks, before you spend it on something else, take a look at this gaming keyboard manufactured by Mad Catz. STRIKE 7 features a new modular design and the VENOM touch screen interface that allows limitless customizations. STRIKE 7 gaming keyboard is now available worldwide. Read for full specifications and the new image gallery.

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