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Guild Wars 2

02. February, 2013Tags: Guild Wars 2, Guild Wars 2 Diary, MMO Blog

Guild Wars 2 Frost & FlameThis week has seen the drop of the Flame and Frost: Prelude patch, a massive mismatch of features and changes designed to fix, upgrade and add to the world of Guild Wars 2. Although we have a new bit of story to enjoy, I thought for this week’s Guild Wars 2 diary, we’d take a look through some of the new, major features available to players. If you haven’t played since 28th January, you’ll need to perform a pretty big update, so be sure to turn your computer on ahead of your playtime. When the update is done, enter into Tyria and prepare yourself for Flame and Frost…

26. January, 2013Tags: Guild Wars 2, Guild Wars 2 Diary, MMO Blog

guild wars 2 diary episode 20So after 20 weeks of Guild Wars 2, we finally begin our journey with the Vigil. So far we’ve been acting alone, under the guidance of Logan Thackery and the royals at Divinity’s Reach, but from now on things are going to be slightly more military. Will that make a massive change to the way we play the game? Probably not – but you’ll at least see a pretty distinct change in the way the story progresses. Naturally, if you chose to support a different order, things will be different. We’ll be coming back to the Vigil decision and choosing different options in future diaries, but for now, let’s support the Vigil.

Guild Wars 2 Giveaway: Trivia #3

Tag: Guild Wars 2
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Hi folks. We're already halfway now. The 3rd trivia question for Guild Wars 2 Giveaway: Quest 2 is here. If you didn't answer the first two questions, you can still do it before we disable them. You know, the more correct answers you got, the more chances to win a free copy of Guild Wars 2. Today's question involves Two blade Pete. The question is: "Why did we not help Quinn against Pete's men?".

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