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Guns and Robots

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Guns and Robots

Guns and Robots, the free to play robot shooter from Masthead Studios has just got a new game update. The new update adds new robot weapons, introduce a new ranking system as well as a new gameplay balancing. Players will also see that they earn more bonus credits per each robot battle, allowing them to buy new weapons and upgrade their robots easier. Read on for the details of this new update.

Guns and Robots : Suburbia Trailer

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There is our favorite robot smashing game. Guns and Robots caught our attention before and during its Closed Beta testing. It's a very entertaining robot MOBA. Create your own funny robot, craft your own stylish weapons, dress up your custom build robot like a clown and test in your own garage. Despite its glitches with the game client and almost non-existing beta crows, Guns and Robots may become one of the popular MOBA games among the fans of robots. It's now in Open Beta so you can go check it out. Take a look at our Guns and Robots gameplay videos on YouTube channel to see more of the game. Enjoy the teaser trailer!



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  in Guns and Robots, News
Guns and Robots open beta

Our only robot smashing MMO Guns and Robots is entering Open Beta today. Masthead Studios' debut MMO game gives players a chance to create their own fun style robots from a selection of robot components and enter a battlefield to face other robots and players. In Guns and Robots, you can combine hundreds of body parts and weapons to build your own robot and test it in the garage before you jump into a battle. Read on for the details of the upcoming beta and take a look at our gameplay videos from the CBT.

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