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01. April, 2013Tags: APB Reloaded, Interview, MMO Blog

APB Reloaded interviewAPB : All Points Bulletin was originally created by David Jones the man behind the original Grand Theft Auto game. Following the sale of the IP by Realtime Worlds to Gamersfirst, the game continued its development by Reloaded Productions. In 2011, Gamersfirst released the title as a free to play MMO game. Last week, we had the chance to talk to APB Reloaded's producer Myra Widodo about APB's past and future including next month's update "Settling the Score". Continue reading for this insightful interview.

16. December, 2012Tags: Crossfire, Interview, MMO Blog

Crossfire Producer InterviewCrossfire is a well balanced and a very enjoyable MMOFPS. The game is quite popular in many countries. It offers pick up and play experience to any gamer interested in FPS games but it also offers some unique game modes. We sat down with Crossfire's producer JT Hwang and discussed Crossfire, other shooter games in the market, Warface, f2p challenges as well as battling hackers and aim-bots we see in many MMOs. He even gave us a couple of tips for Crossfire. Click read more for the full interview.

24. August, 2012Tags: Firefall, Gamescom, Interview, MMO Blog

Firefall Interview David WilliamsIf you have been following Red 5 Studios's open world shooter Firefall in the last couple of years, you should know that the game has undergone several changes, and it just goes on. With the most recent update being the biggest one, the developers called it almost a new Firefall. The Free MMO shooter is still in Beta and it still doesn't have an exact release date. We have been playing it since the early days of the beta and we had the chance to take another look at it at Gamescom 2012. While we were there, we also sat down with lead class designer David Williams and talked about Firefall's past and the future. 

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