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League of Legends

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The most popular PC game of last year, League of Legends, shows no sign of slowing down, and to prove this point, Riot Games have released a cinematic trailer showing off some of their most popular characters. The video, entitled twist of fate, is pretty good fun and is undoubtedly well made, and that's paid off by it having been viewed almost 10 million times in the space of three days. Nobody needs to be reminded that League of Legends exists, but that amount of views can in no way be a bad thing (no matter what some of the less keen viewers might be saying...)

League of Legends: A Twist of Fate

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This has already been watched by over 3 million League of Legends fans but it shouldn't stop you from watching it now for the first time or once more! League of Legends, the new cinematic trailer has been released by Riot Games yesterday after the completion of the game's All Star Event in Shanghai. Featured are the champions of League of Legends... Enjoy!

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League of Legends Karma new version

League of Legends is perhaps the most complex MOBA game ever, particularly when it comes to character abilities. Maybe it comes with the genre but I haven't seen other MOBA's getting so frequent updates to its characters. The latesy champion update involved Karma. Riot Games developers has remade the champion, tweaked its abilities, updated her roles and created a very versatile champion. Read on to see the Karma Champion Spotlight.

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