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League of Legends

League of Legends reviews, videos, champions strategies, guides and screenshots.
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League of Legends League System patch preview

League of Legends Season 3 introduces the new League System where ranked solo and duo players as well as the 3vs3 and 5vs5 teams can rise above their competition. Season 3 replaces the Elo rating and ladder rank. What this means for players is that it will give almost every player a chance to compete in their own small leagues. Instead of the old leaderboard where you rank among thousands of players, each player will compete in a 250-player division.

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League of Legends fans, get ready for Thresh! Riot Games just released the first comic and the first piece of artwork for the latest champion in the MOBA: Thresh. See Thresh in action in the comic and take a closer look at the champion in the first artwork image. Look at the size of the axe he has in his hand, and his glowing eyes, the evilish Thresh... 

League of Legends: PreSeason Balance Update

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Changes to Rengar, Lee Sin, Talon, Riven and Jungle are all explained in this new League of Legends video: Preseason Balance Update patch preview. This is the first patch for League of Legends in 2013. Some of the changes are covered in this video such as Talon's reduced based damage and nerfs involving Riven's early game...

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