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League of Legends

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LoL Champion Spotlight: Vi

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League of Legends' developer Riot Games and the community guys are back with another champion spotlight video. In this episode, the new champion Vi the Piltover Enforcer is featured. Check out Vi's abilities, passive and actives in the video ad well as a few hints and tactics. 

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  in League of Legends, News
Nami the Tidecaller

Riot Games released the newest addition to Champion Spotlight series. In this new video, we find out all about Nami, The Tidecaller, who is a water based offensive support champion. If you’ve been looking to take the role of a support in your team, you should take a look at Nami and her abilities. Her crowd control abilities and ability to increase damage for her team is what makes her a decent choice. Continue reading to see the spotlight video for Nami.

  in League of Legends, News
LoL Nami

Nami is the latest addition to the long list of League of Legends champions. She is special. She is the best of the support characters that developers have been working on. Today, Riot Games revealed the first artwork and comic art for Nami: The Tidecaller. Nami is a support champion, which means she is an assister and enabler for allies. Developers claim that they have finally been able to create a support character that satisfies their core support philosophy. Read on for first details and artwork teasers.

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