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League of Legends

League of Legends reviews, videos, champions strategies, guides and screenshots.
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Zed League of Legends

Riot Games released new screenshots, artwork and the champion spotlight video for Zed of League of Legends. The Master of Shadows with his deadly shurikens seems to be one of the balanced champions in the MOBA. Every now and then it's a good idea to switch to another champion, so if you care for Zed a little bit, you gotto check out the new spotlight video that gives us all on Zed, his abilities and best strategies. Read on for Zed.

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Elise League of Legends

League of Legends latest update introduced a revamped version of the 3vs3 map Twisted Treeline. The new version of the 3-on-3 map features a new combination of items, and also removes the Wriggles's Lantern forcing players to find different ways to reveal their enemies. The lantern was replaced by Grez's lantern which only reveals a part of the map for a short time and with longer cool-down. This is going to make life harder for the fans of Twisted Treeline. Riot Games also released the Elise The Spider Queen champion spotlight video that explains her spider and human form abilities. Read on to see both videos.

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League of Legends user base statistics

If anyone says MMO games are not popular anymore, just show them this infographic. Riot Games released an infographic that shows valuable stats from League of Legends and compared it to other franchises and networks. With its 32 million active users, League of Legends is not only the most played MMO game in the world, it's also the number one video game in the world when it comes to daily active users. Read on to see this infographic.

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