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League of Legends

League of Legends reviews, videos, champions strategies, guides and screenshots.
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Quick movements and invisibility comes together to make the new champion "Kha'Zix" in League of Legends. If you are a fan of melee assassins, you must watch this new spotlight video Riot Games released for Kha'Zix. The special ability of Kha'Zix is that he can evolve during a match by adding to his four abilities. His stealth ability and speed is his greatest advantages. Read on to learn abilities and tactics for Kha'Zix. 

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KhaZix art design video

Another Riot Games video and another champion. This time the graphics artists walk you through their own magical process of art design of Kha'Zix. Kha'Zix the voidreaver is back to reclaim his domination. Kha'Zix is an apex predator that doesn't seem to have pleased all the fans of the game. Check out this art spotlight video and decide for yourself.  

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Games Like League of LegendsYou’ll probably know by now (because you’ve read our History of MOBA article) that League of Legends was one of the first games to take the DotA style of gameplay and turn it into a standalone, polished experience with its own assets and map design. If you’ve played it, you’ll also know that while it’s an enjoyable game, it definitely has its flaws (mainly in regards to its community) and that newer games have taken steps to rectify those faults. Below you’ll find a list of games that are like League of Legends, games that you’ll enjoy if you’re looking for something similar but different, something more polished or just a game that won’t end with the revelation that your parents, grandparents and pet dog have all been involved in sexual acts with the most vocal of your team mates.

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