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League of Legends

League of Legends reviews, videos, champions strategies, guides and screenshots.
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League of Legends August patch preview

League of Legends' late August patch brings changes to champions: Evelyn, Graves, Corki, and more. Goal of these changes is to avoid too powerful champions by nerfing down their abilities while keeping them competitive.  Riot Games community guy and designer posted a new episode of patch preview covering some of these changes and discussing why the developers came up with these decisions. Continue reading for the details of this new patch.

League of Legends: Rengar

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Riot Games released a new addition to the Champion Spotlight Video series. This time the developers discuss Rengar the PrideStalker. In the video developers tell us about Rengar's skins, Classic Rengar and HeadHunter Rengar as well as the skills and abilities and instructions on when and how to use them effectively. Learn all the defensive, attacking abilities and consumables available for the champion. Another great guide for League of Legends fans interested in playing with Rengar the Pridestalker.

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