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Lord of the Rings Online

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LOTRO developer chat and new expansion

Lord of the Rings Online's latest developer chat was on Twitter last night and it's revealed Turbine's plans for Update 11 and beyond. About 50 questions were answered by a team of developers. Questions involved Update 11 related details, bug fixes, improvements, localization problems and the new expansion which is probably going to be released on 6th anniversary of the MMORPG. So if you have not followed this chat last night, read on for a short summary.

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LOTRO Riders of Rohan part 2

Turbine is releasing Riders of Rohan expansion in parts and following the release of the first part, they've revealed the second part today. The second part of the instance cluster of Riders of Rohan is coming soon and it is going to introduce four new raids. We don't know exactly when but Turbine has released some wonderful screenshots of the update along with the details of the included raids. 

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Lord of the Rings Online update 9

Lord of the Rings Online's Riders of Rohan expansion had a couple of delays. Later, Turbine had decided to release the expansion in pieces which was welcome by the community. Today we get the details of the first instance pack which arrives with Update 9: Against the Shadow which brings three new three-man instances to the MMORPG. Continue reading for the prequels of these quests along with screen-shots. 

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