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Lord of the Rings Online

21. September, 2012Tags: Lord of the Rings Online, MMO Blog

Rohan changes LOTROThe developers on Lord of the Rings Online have been steadily releasing developer’s diaries over the past few weeks, all of them dedicated to the upcoming expansion Riders of Rohan. There are going to be a lot of changes when the expansion hits, whether you buy it or not, and fans are probably going to notice a lot of differences in the way things are balanced, the abilities available to their character and, most of all, the way that horses are used. Yes, for diehard fans, there will be a lot to take in over the coming months. My question though, and the topic of our blog post today, is whether or not it’s enough. Could they be doing more to freshen up a game that is arguably in need of a major refresher?

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Riders of Rohan The White Hand

Lord of the Rings Online's upcoming expansion Riders of Rohan is closer to its release. Turbine is going to introduce three major factions with Riders of Rohan. The White Hand, Mordor and the Easterlings are all coming for the fans of the MMORPG. Today, the developers at Turbine revealed new screenshots showcasing the monsters and troops from these three major factions.

See the beauty of Rohan in New LotRO Dev Diary

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When it's about Lord of the Rings Online's upcoming expansion Riders of Rohan, it's impossible to not get all excited about it. Well, at least that's how strong we feel about it. The expansion promises so much like the Warbands, the all new mounted combat, the Warsteeds and on. The towns, the culture and everything in the new region will also be there for the fans to explore. Turbine designers seem to have spend ages on this expansion when you look at this new developer diary video. It's just beautiful!

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